10 Free & Easy Ways to Promote Mobile Apps

 Promoting your mobile app is necessary if you want your product to gain attention and make money. There are different free mobile monetization strategies that you can employ to help you find success with your application.


The following are 10 ways you can promote apps free.

  1. Create a website. Your app needs to have an online presence and a website provides it with a digital home base. If possible, have your site created before your product launch.

  1. Social media. Spread the word about your app through social media networks. Facebook and Twitter are good places to start. Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr are also great options.

  1. Create videos. Create a video on YouTube that introduces your product. Keep it short, clear, concise and interesting. Your objective: engage consumers.1
  2. Start a blog and link it to your site and to your social media. Write about interesting subjects that relate to your app and will interest your target market.

  1. Customer interaction. Allow customers to comment on your social media and leave reviews. Interact with them and respond to any negative feedback immediately.

  1. Ask other people for reviews. Ask others if they will review your product. The more reviews you have, the better.

  1. Run promotions. Give customers incentive to try your product. Provide special promo codes on occasion, so they can download your app for free, etc.

  1. Learn how to use App Store Optimization (ASO). This will help you to make your app more discoverable within app store, boosting its potential for downloads.

  1. Apply for Awards. Enter free mobile app competitions (ex. Mobileys). If you win, you’ll get money and a lot of press.

10.Make good use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Make sure your content targets keywords to boost your app’s rankings.