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Bounce-E is a multilevel running game with super addictive dynamics that you will never get tired

Mobile games have come quite a long way in the last few years, but no matter what kind of games you prefer, or the platform, everyone needs a little adventure now and again. Therefore, we have brought the best Adventure game for Android. With all of the free time, you might have coming up over the next few days; this game just might provide the excitement you need to carry you through, we are talking about Bounce-E.

What is Bounce-E?

Bounce-E is a super classic adventure and legendary side-scrolling arcade platformer. This cool bounce and move are an addictive non-stop old school arcade adventure game! This game brings back memories of old-school adventure games with fun filled levels. World of this game contains well-designed levels, simple gameplay, nice graphics and an upbeat music and sounds. The game seems to be quite cool and simple from its appearances but no doubt, it can give you a tough time to change the color of all the clouds.

How to, play?

  1. Download and install the game.
  2. Click on the game icon to run it.
  3. Press Bounce on to begin the fun.
  4. Control the ball by clicking on the left and right arrows and bounce button present on the game screen
  5. Clear the level and go to the next one to meet the new challenge

Keep your journey continued through endless thrilling levels. If you really love adventure type endless run games, this game is the perfect choice for you and your kids. Get it free today. Enjoy this brand new super adventure platformer game! It is compatible with your Android.

Google Play Download Link: Bounce-E