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Get the best security for your Android device with MyDeviceLock Biometric AppLock

Do you fell worried about hackers and fraudsters with gaining access to the data on your Android smartphone or tablet? According to security experts, you should be worried, because mobile is the new platform of choice for the people who would like to gain such an access, with Android being at the top of that list. As part of the protection against it some Android devices are even making their way to customers with preinstalled security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. But, the risk is real. Nonetheless, you can also reduce that risk by downloading and installing a security app locker app on your device. During our research we have found an app that will help your security, called myDeviceLock Biometric AppLock.

What is myDeviceLock Biometric AppLock?

MyDeviceLock Biometric AppLock is recognized as the best android Applock that include a variety of important features. This app gives you the choice to lock any desired app. MyDeviceLock Biometric AppLock  can protect any app along with SMS, Gallery, Contacts, Dialer app, Gmail, etc. by password. This app has many exceptional features that keep your data safe.

Key features:

MyDeviceLock Biometric AppLock supports any operations with files, which you place on SD memory card and on internal memory and it gives you a option to choose between five different locks. If you move any photos or video into the vaults, can be viewed only with myDeviceLock. When you use the vault folder structure you don’t need to create any parent folders as it handles automatically. The vault will even protect your files even if you uninstall the app and will be available as soon as you reinstall the app again. You can also customize your appearance on the lock screen with selecting nice looking themes or if you want you can create your theme by uploading you image that will be used as a background and picking your style of colors for all the elements.

With its simple user interface the app provides impressive functionality. It is Android compatible and you can install it free from the direct download link present at the end.

Google Play Download Link: myDeviceLock Biometric AppLock