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Music Player with Lyrics – never again miss the lyrics of your favorite songs

May be you’re a singer or a hard core music lover, having a look at the lyrics is a must. There are some fast raps and songs with half eaten words that our ears can’t get it. Lyrics gives you clear idea of what you’re listening and what you should sing. So, for that purpose we are offering you the best android lyric app called Music Player with Lyrics.

Perfect for syncing lyrics and suitable for all versions of android

Music Player with Lyrics is a perfect app for syncing lyrics and it’s compatible with all versions of android devices. It has soundcloud functionality, where you can seek for any song in sound cloud as well as live streaming feature. You can find song lyrics with this one of a kind app.

You can in the same time play the song and see the song lyric

By using Music Player with Lyrics you can  in the same time play the song and  see the song  lyric. You will be able to enjoy in the millions of different songs with lyrics. It’s a completely free lyric finder.

It’s user friendly with a cool graphics

You can also change the density of your app and the theme color from settings as well. If you don’t want any of the changes you have made simple hit the reset button and it will reset your app settings. Music Player with Lyrics has equalizer feature so you can easily equalize your lyrics. It’s very user friendly and has a lot of cool graphics and aesthetic look.

So don’t wait any longer and download this unique and fun lyric app for free from Google Store and never again miss a lyric.

Google Play Download Link: Music Player with Lyrics