App Review – Babylingos


When it comes to children learning languages, sooner is better. Starting at the age of three, exposure can help children in a variety of ways. Give your child an edge by choosing an app that can help him learn a new language and retain the knowledge for life. Finding the right app for this purpose is not easy. Because of that, we looked and we have for you one great educational app for kids – Babylingos. Let’s discuss about the app.

What is Babylingos?

Babylingos is a foreign language learning app developed for IOS users, easy to use and especially created for kids ages 6 months and up. This app is providing young kids suitable tools that will help them to absorb a new language and retain the knowledge for life by the age of 3, when the brain is already 80% developed. With this educational app for kids, children are getting one rare opportunity to learn a foreign language on the very best age for learning.

Why do we love it?

On this app, kids are provided with the suitable tools that can help them learn a foreign language and retain it for life with guaranteed results. Using this app, kids are getting to enjoy many colorful images with explanations of the words they need to learn on the foreign language, keeping their attention through the whole learning process. On young age, the kid’s brain is working twice as fast than the adult brain and because of that kids are able to process the app’s material fast and easy. With hands-on control, incentives or stimulation, this app is keeping the kid’s attention on a high level while he is learning, guaranteeing that the kid will learn the language. User friendly, safe and ad-free, the app is making the educational process faster and easier for the kids.

Download the app now on App Store for only 2.99$.

App Store Download Link: Babylingos