App Review – StatiGRAM

Without analytics, your Instagram marketing efforts can be a little hit-and-miss. Analytics are often essential for answering your questions. With Instagram analytics, you can obtain a ton of valuable data and information to understand how you’re performing on Instagram and how you can improve your results. That’s why today we present to you StatiGRAM.

What StatiGRAM is all about?

It is an Android tool that can provide you with in-depth info about your Instagram profile, like new followers, secret admirers, users that blocked you, etc. Packed with cool features and detailed statistics that give you tons of useful information about your Instagram account, this app is user friendly and simple to use. Let’s see what it is all about.

Standout Features

If you are interested in who are the admirers of your Instagram profile or who isn’t following you back, StatiGRAM is the perfect app for you. It features over 30 analytical tools that can give you accurate data and behavioral statistics about your Instagram account. For example, it can tell you which are your new followers, followers that unfollowed you, users that don’t follow you back, and so much more. You can also view data about your most engaged photos, videos, about ghost followers, who gives you the least and the most comments, users that you’ve unfollowed, your earliest followers, etc.

If you want to have this amazing tool on your Android device, you can easily download it for free from the Google Play Store. Click the link below for more info.

Google Play Download Link: StatiGRAM