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Sometimes the most interesting stuff in an unfamiliar city is hiding in plain sight. With the right location-aware and map-friendly web tools, you can find the best cheap eats, picture-worthy sights, and much more. Start with this in-the-know app that we’ve reviewed for you today. We’re talking about Streeter, one of our new favorite apps on the market! Let’s see what the app is all about

What is Streeter all about?

This is a community marketplace where iOS users can buy, sell and advertise things. Streeter is a location-based app that helps in discovering nearby restaurants, malls, jobs, boutiques, movie shows, coupons, and other local businesses and services. Plus, it is created with beautiful design and easy-to-use interface.

What does Streeter offer?

The Streeter app lets you discover local ads, local businesses, from trendy hotspots to street food, with all the useful information you need. Whether you’re an individual or a business, you can use the app to post targeted advertisements with few taps on the screen, to boost them as urgent, featured and spotlight ads for higher visibility. If you bump into an ad or a business that might interest someone you know, you can easily send them a special shout out via the Echo feature. You can also use the app’s integrated map view, share your promo code via social media to earn points, view recent updates of your activities and profiles you follow on your Wall, interact with different social activities, receive smart alerts for important things, and so on!

If you’re wondering what we loved the most about this app, it’s the Echo feature. Its primary idea is about sharing listings, places, ads or anything else that you think might interest someone you know. You can easily use it to send these kinds of shout outs and receive Echo reminders and notifications when you are at place or business listing shout out by your friends or people you are following. How amazing is that?

Connect with local buyers and sellers, download the Streeter app for free from the App Store and don’t forget to visit its official site.

App Store Download Link: Streeter

Official Website Link: Streeter

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