Baby Shusher – Relaxing Sounds is an app to create the rhythmic shushing noise your newborn needs to relax


Fact: being a parent has never been easy. It wasn’t easy thousands of years ago, and it isn’t easy today! Throughout history, babies have always been exhausting, and parents have always been exhausted. But here’s some good news for those of us who are parenting in the twenty-first century: we have technology on our side! Our mothers and fathers didn’t have an entire virtual storefront packed full of apps to help them navigate the early days of parenthood.

Parents, there are literally hundreds of apps out there designed to make your life easier — everything from apps that will help you in development of your baby to the ones that will direct you to the nearest baby-sitting facility when you’re out and about. Today, though, we’re going to focus on an app that deals with our favorite topic — baby sleep!  So we are present you the review of an app, Baby Shusher – Relaxing Sounds.

What is Baby Shusher – Relaxing Sounds?

Baby Shusher – Relaxing Sounds is a life saver app that will help you to make your baby relax and gently drift off to sleep with soothing sounds present in around us in daily life so that you can do your other important routine tasks. These sounds include, Hairdryer, Hush, Shhhh, Vacuum, Cleaner, Womb, Car Ride, Fan, Mountain, River, Rain, and many other and the best part of the app is that you can record sounds in your voice  to play for their baby over and over again so that your baby will be always calm by knowing that you are around him/her.

Baby Shusher – Relaxing Sounds app features a user-friendly interface for the tired parent using the app at night – extensively home-tested by creators, who are also parents of small children. In addition, the sounds even play if your home screen is locked with an ability of timer that will turn off the app after the desired interval of time.

So what else do you need for your iOS platform device? Download and install it today free from the direct download link present below.

App Store Download Link: Baby Shusher – Relaxing Sounds