Baby Sleep Sounds: White Noise – One of the Best Baby Sleep Apps

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If you’ve got a new baby at home, a night of uninterrupted sleep is probably something you’ve been missing big time. Unfortunately for parents, your new little bundle of joy has no idea that a 4:00 a.m. feeding can be pretty painful for their caregivers, especially if they are also juggling work and caring for other children between feedings. Thankfully, there are tech geniuses out there who totally feel your pain, and have developed some pretty cool apps to help baby sleep better. Here’s one to try out – Baby Sleep Sounds: White Noise.

What is Baby Sleep Sounds: White Noise all about?

This is an incredible iOS app for all parents that want to relax and put down their babies into a deep sleep. Created by the same developer who brought you one of the best baby sleep apps “Instant Baby Sleep”, this app is designed for both iPhone and iPad, with intuitive user interface and neat graphics.

Why did we choose it?

Baby Sleep Sounds: White Noise has carefully selected white noise sounds especially created for babies. There are multiple sounds: washing machine, hairdryer, womb, vacuum cleaner, baby shusher, sshhh, car ride, ocean and tv static noise. Tap the app to start producing the noise and choose one from the many. In few minutes your baby will fall asleep and you’ll be able to continue with your daily chores.

With this unique app, you and your baby will be more relaxed and calmed. If you want to download it, just press the App Store link below and get it for free.

App Store Download Link: Baby Sleep Sounds: White Noise

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