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BandMag is an exclusive platform for artist and their fans to stay connected

There are countless ways to connect with famous musicians, whether it is following them on Instagram and Snapchat or buying tickets to all of their public appearances. However, on either side of the spectrum, from the passive follow to the active stalking, the connection between fan and celebrity is minimal. Now here the apps dedicated solely to artists and their fans play their role. Well, to help you get started we are here with a review for an app of the same kind that is available by the name, BandMag.

What is BandMag?

BandMag is a brand new platform created for Android platform devices to let the artists set status updates to be sent to their fans about new music, tour dates, and other announcements. BandMag not only to track the artists they love today but also to discover their next favorite performers and live music experiences. Alternatively, it will also help the fans to stay updated about their favorite artist on the go. Moreover, it is the great chance for  an artist to increase their followers base.

To get started with this app the first thing you would need to do is to your own personalized profile as an artist or a fan and you are done. Now by using this app, you can create your own personal blogs, fan groups, and forums. BandMag lets artists own the entire experience of connecting with their fans, from posting videos and photos and share using different media platforms like SoundCloud, Vimeo or YouTube. In addition, it also brings social media integrations to share media contents to Facebook, Twitter & many other social networking websites.

Presently you can avail the features of this app for FREE on your Android devices by tapping the direct download link present at the end of this review.

Google Play Download Link: BandMag