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Check out Smash Fly – The Super-Fast Tap Tap Challenging Game for ultimate fun

Games in the Android Play Store have evolved a lot from what it used to be a few years ago. Now games are not only more powerful but also highly detailed and graphics laden. As much as we love playing these games, at times we just need some casual games to kill commute time or take mind off things.

Check out the game that we pick for our daily article called Smash Fly a perfect fast taping game, created for those who wants some intense game play to involve their reflex skills and the sense of precision, and after all to experience amazing fun.

Basic features of Smash Fly

The tap tap game features with cool HD graphics, epic sound effects and music and 60 levels of increasing difficulty which will take your mobile gaming experience to the whole new level of entertainment. In the game play, you’ll have to catch the fly without missing it because that will cost you life and lost scores. The game play became more challenging and exciting with blue Decoy fly which appears to confuse and distract you from hitting the right target. Sometimes the fly target can turn in red Roque, but only temporary, so you’ll have to be careful to miss it because you will lose the level completely.

Help and Boosts

Smash Fly also offer help and boosts modes like the blue boost (get rid of all decoy flies for 5 seconds), green boost (disable missing for 5 seconds), red boost (prevent all flies from going rogue for 5 seconds). As you progress you can access the Frenzy levels in which you will have to catch lots of flies, much as possible.

If you’re curious about the Smash Fly game app, click the link down below from the Google Play Store, where you can download it for free and get some insane gaming experience. Go right ahead!


Google Play Download Link: Smash Fly