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Chroma Runner – the perfect arcade game to test your reflexes

Searching for a new and exciting runner arcade game that will keep you busy for hours? Then we offer you this incredible game that you will get easily addicted to called Chroma Runner.

Test your reaction and reflexes

This game will test your reaction and reflexes. It will be both challenging and relaxing in the same time. It will present the perfect skill exercise for you. Chroma Runner has fairly simple rules. All you have to do is run and overcome all the barriers that come along your way. To be able to do this you only need to change the color by touching the screen. At first is simple, but later it becomes more and more complicated. You will have to beat many different levels. But be extremely careful, because if you make just one mistake you have to start all over again!

Perfect game for killing some time

Chroma Runner is the perfect game for anyone that is looking for a way to kill some time. It suitable for players of any age. With the hard and interesting gameplay it will never leave you bored and unchallenged. Try to stay focused and make the higher score possible.

So start right away by downloading this amazing arcade runner game for free from Google Store.

Google Play Download Link: Chroma Runner