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Enjoy a unique platform gaming experience with Edgar Emoji


Platform games are one of the oldest genres in all of video games and it is one of the most popular. In fact, the Mario franchise is among the most popular of all time. There have been a bunch of great platformers released on mobile and they are actually awesome. That is why to bring the best app we always search through the app store and this time we have picked out a new game app, Edgar Emoji.

What is Edgar Emoji?

Edgar Emoji is one of the newer platform games and it is fairly unique but simple. The game features some unique graphics with emoji character and colorful backgrounds. It is a solid overall experience. It is the new version of old-school platformer game. The game comes up with 40 unique levels and with amazing gaming worlds like, forests, caves, volcanic mountains, blue skies and glaciers.

How to play

In this game, you play as an emoji names as Edgar who is on the adventure around the world with different scenarios. Now you have the total controls to help him to complete his adventurous journey. This game offers quite easy controls and you do not need to practice any special controls, as it is a kind of pick up play games.

In order to move forward or backward all you have to do is to tilt your mobile device in that direction and the Edgar will keep his journey continued. There are some scenarios where there is a need of jumping, the place from where or to where you need to jump simply tap the screen and it will jump.


Overall is quite addictive and simple game with beautiful 2D graphics and a crazy background sounds. Download it free for your iOS devices and have the best time killing companion for your device.

Appstore Download Link: Edgar Emoji