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Fennex Augmented hearing app is all about providing you hearing aid on the go

Fennex Augmented hearing app is an app iPhone that claims to be an augmented hearing mobile app compatible with AirPods. First, you take a hearing test ‘specifically designed for AirPods’ and then you can amplify the sound based on your hearing loss (similar to a hearing amplifier).

How does it work?

 There is a variety of microphones you can choose from, this app uses four different microphones on your mobile Apple device as its sources of input, whereas your AirPods or hard-wired earphones can serve as the output source and it is compatible with several wireless headsets and can work on your iPhone, iPad, and iPods. Moreover, this app brings predefined setting allowing users to find which setting works best for them, however, for the users that are more advanced can individually customize the setting based on their needs.

 Similar to standard hearing aids Fennex amplifies some frequencies more than others do but Fennex Augmented hearing app is different because it also compresses the very loud sounds that can make social situations like going to the pub, cinema or a birthday party intolerable and this is all because it features frequency equalizer, a noise filter, and dynamic compression to increase the volume level, reduce surrounding noise, and promote the audibility of higher frequencies.

Presently this easy to use app, is available for iOS platform users and there are no charges to use or to install this app. you can find the direct download link to the app at the end of this review to have it for your device.

App Store Download Link: Fennex Augmented hearing app