Finding Cool Local Hangouts and Events with an Ease – What’s Poppin

Few people travel just to see the sights anymore. After all, with Instagram, Facebook and a slew of other social media sites and apps to browse through these days, each with hundreds of thousands of photos of every must-see sight on earth, traveling has become much more about experiencing local cultures than getting a professional photo with the Eiffel Tower. Besides, that is what selfies are for.

What is What’s Poppin?

However, finding cool local hangouts and events, as an undercover tourist can be difficult, especially when you know no one in the area. Looking to bridge that gap, then you are at the right place as we found an app Whats Poppin (Beta) to resolve this issue by using smart phone.

What’s Poppin makes finding cool events in a new city is as easy as zeroing in on your location and choosing the category of event you’re looking for, from news to sports, concerts to celebrities. The app pulls real-time photos and videos from the event. Simply click the photo of the event that grabs your interest and the app zooms in on the exact location.

The app gives you the best events in your area based on your mood. Choose an event from the category to find an event of your interest. Looking to party with the locals? The coolest clubs, bars and live music near you. The app uses your location to serve up events, so you can be just landing at the airport or walking down into streets and the app will populate events based on your chosen mood, all within walking distance, or a wider radius if you so wish.

This is not just another app for finding events! It a social event app that lets you see live streaming of the event before you leave home! Download the app to your Android device and you will be happy to know that its free of cost.

Google Play Download Link: Whats Poppin