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Get prepared to start new causal adventure with Lost In Rotation – The Reflex Reactor

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We all love games on Android, the graphics have gotten better and better over the years and our smartphones and tablets now behave more like games consoles than they do anything else. Not everyone wants to get wrapped up the latest epic, however, sometimes we just want to play! That means we don’t want to be wrapped up in a massive story, and we just want to play a game that’s good casual fun. Well here to help you get started we have picked out a new game app that is, Lost In Rotation – The Reflex Reactor.

What is Lost In Rotation – The Reflex Reactor?

Lost In Rotation – The Reflex Reactor is the new casual gaming adventure that is going to test your reflexes. It is the game based on the story of two dogs microN and Neon that are trapped inside spinning circles pulled by a gravitational force. Now are the one who is going to let them survive by means of letting them jump from one platform to another and that is how you can counter this gravitational force. The game involves real physics and the controls for the game are nothing more than just tapping on the screen but at the right time.

To the most of the users that game gonna seems like quite easy but in fact it is not as these platforms are spinning circles with different shapes and moving speed and every time you will jump to the upcoming platform you will be surprised as each of these circles have different motions. Therefore you survival totally depends on how good are your reflexes to tap the screen at the right time. Moreover, if you survived there is a chance for you to unlock more interesting characters. there are no defined levels in the game so it depends on you that how you much you can survive and score some good points. The graphics for the game are HD and the background music is cool enough to help you concentrate.

Presently this game is available for Android OS devices and you can get it for your device by tapping the direct download link given at the end.

Google Play Download Link: Lost In Rotation – The Reflex Reactor

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