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Gravity Up – Gravity Block Game is a game to relieve your mind from all the day stresses

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How do you love to spend your free hours? Do you like playing games on your mobile device and always seem to be on the hunt for the next addictive offering? Finally, you are at the right place because what we have got for you is a review for new arcade twist that is, Gravity Up – Gravity Block Game.

What is Gravity Up – Gravity Block Game?

Gravity Up – Gravity Block Game is an arcade type an obstacle-based gaming app. The objective of the app is to play through levels of increasing difficulty. The skills required to use the app include quick reflexes and motor skills. If we were to describe Gravity Up – Gravity Block Game in one sentence it would be, “Gravity Up – Gravity Block Game; a magic with new and elaborate ways of releasing stress.

What’s your mission?

Your mission in this game is to jump up as high as possible without hitting any obstacles. You see, each obstacle is of different size and color you need great precision skills and an active mind. The obstacles are randomly arranged and in different forms, so passing through you’re safe, any delay at any instant “Game Over.”



Key Features

  • It is very addictive brain twisting and interesting gameplay.
  • No additional gestures or swapping just tap and keep your journey continued.
  • It also offers your social sharing features, so that you can challenge your friends or compete for their score
  • The graphics and the music is so beautiful
  • In addition, you do not need an internet connection to play the game.

So, what you are waiting for? Install Gravity Up – Gravity Block Game to your Android device. Just follow the simple instruction after clicking the link below:

Google Play Download Link:  Gravity Up – Gravity Block Game

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