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Help the innocent birds to save their egg in deadly storm with Rolling Egg

We all love games on Android, the graphics have gotten better and better over the years and our smartphones and tablets now behave more like games consoles than they do anything else. Not everyone wants to get wrapped up the latest epic, however, sometimes we just want to play! That means we don’t want to be wrapped up in a massive story, and we just want to play a game that’s good casual fun. Well now, if you search the app store you will find tons of titles, which will make it difficult for you to pick the best one that is why we compiled this review for one of our favorite, pick that is, Rolling Egg.

What is Rolling Egg?

Rolling Egg is the physics based puzzle game with a gameplay based on the theme of balancing the scale present on the game screen by the help of a lever present at the end of the scale. The game comes up with a beautiful storyline about two birds that are trapped in a snowstorm and their nest is destroyed, the thing that is worrying these birds in that storm is to protect their egg until the storm stops. Now here you are called for help to help these birds maintain the balance of bar they are sitting on.

There are snowflakes and ice bars falling on that bar which is making this bar unbalanced so you have to use your quick reflexes and good hand to mind coordination to keep that bar balanced by means of a lever and don’t let the egg fall. Primarily, Rolling Egg looks gorgeous. From the evocative cover illustration to the beautifully sculpted miniatures, everything about the game is a treat for the eyes.

Presently it is available for Android OS devices and you can get this free for your device from the direct download link present below.

Google Play Download Link: Rolling Egg