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Interesting Facts – Collection of the Best Facts that will glue to your mobile

I don’t know about you but I am a big fan of learning new things, and I especially enjoy finding bizarre and strange factoids. Learning new things is how you evolve as a human being, so it never hurts to add another interest to your hobby list. And with smartphones being in our hands, all day-every day, we can easily turn them into learning tools if we want to. How? By downloading a few apps which can help us broaden our knowledge.

Fuel your curiosity

For today article we found quite interesting and amazing app that will fuel your curiosity and empower you with incredible knowledge. Let we introduce you the Interesting Facts app, an amazing way to entertain yourself and gain some powerful information at the same time and that’s why is worthy of your time and attention.

What does the app offers?

This app is one of the coolest apps out there with 10,000 facts, which are divided into +30 categories and subcategories like Animals, Ceremonies/Customs, Diet/Nutrition, Diseases/Disorders, Drugs/Addiction, Entertainment, Fashion/Attire, Food/Drink, and much more.

Another great thing about Interesting App is the swiping control with which you can read all the facts, select your favorite one and share with people on social media or by email, messages etc.

Free to download

Don’t miss this great opportunity to boost your curiosity and hunger for some unusual, funny or rare facts that could make a difference in your life. The interesting facts app is available for free downloading on Google Play Store and App Store so check it out. Enjoy it and share your experience.


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