Jellify – Entertaining App for Creating Unique Photos

Apps for creating funny and unique photos are the best thing against any boredom. They are full of amusing content such as quotes, jokes, photos, videos, TV shows and memes to makes friends appear obese in photos. There are many apps that are offering people to express their creativity and share those creations with people on social media. What if there is an app to help you create the funniest photos by your own taste and make them alive? We have for you today one highly interesting app to help you with this. Let’s see what this app offers you.

What is this app about?

This is an entertainment app highly entertaining and interesting, developed for android users. Easy to use, simply created, offering the users to have fun and use the features of the app to create the funniest and most unique pictures by their preference. Using the app, users can choose to use many funny photo effects to create living and original pictures, exploring their creativity and sharing them with friends on social media. Also, the app offers endless fun with face detection and creating animated gifs.

Why do we choose it?

Jellify is suitable for everyone that want an app for creating original and entertaining photos by their taste without much effort. The users can choose a photo from the or take a new photo for their creation. Then, they need to drag parts of the photo they want to see in motion or use the automatic face detection feature for that purpose, then with just tilting or shaking the android device the users can watch the photo come to live. The users are also offered to deform photos with only magnifying selected areas. Also, the app is allowing the users to choose from various movement patterns, saving them and sharing with people funny animations as GIFs.

Download this app now on Google Play for free.

Google Play Download Link: Jellify