Let see how good you are in cleaning with ROTii


Puzzle games are a great way to both kill time and improve your brain at any age, and a mobile device is a perfect platform for them. Everybody loves playing puzzle-oriented games when there’s spare time. While it’s hard to get into such games, it’s equally hard to get out of them once you’re deeply invested. Therefore, we have decided to present a new puzzle game in this review, which will ensure that you remain glued to your smartphone or tablet in your leisure time. We are talking about, “ROTii”.

What is ROTii?

ROTii is a new puzzle gaming adventure recently developed for your iOS platform devices that come up with yet so cool and classic art style. The game features a cute 4-inch tall character “ROTii” that is basically programmed as a cleaning robot with powers like, mighty Vac-Pack and a high-powered vacuum. ROTii is on the mission to clean the germs and wipe out bugs to ensure a healthy environment. In the game, you will be solving different puzzles by pushing and pulling objects with the power of vacuum cleaner and after completing each level you will be promoted to the next level.

ROTii game app features a different environment that gives you a chance to explore a world of bugs and germs 4-inch above the ground and during your cleaning mission different insect and germs keeps on attacking ROTii. To defend these attacks make the ROTii jump by tapping the screen, enjoy riding the rubber duck, paper planes and much more… in addition, at the end of solving each puzzle, you will have the chance to watch visual and music inspired by Dr. Nida’s Pakistani based culture.

Right now, this superb game can be downloaded and installed by spending $0.99 only. You can find the direct download link for the game at the end of this helping review.

App Store Download link: ROTii