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Never, miss a crime now in your local area with TipToe – See. Share

Have you found yourself in distress situations at times and required urgent help? On the other hand, have you been a victim of crime on the road or any other location? How many times have you witnessed incidents of crime but turned a blind eye to avoid any complications? OFTEN, right? However, as we know that the mobile app development industry is growing and there are apps to help us in every field of life. Today we have brought an app TipToe – See. Share that will help you to track the crimes in your area.

What is TipToe – See. Share?

TipToe – See. Share is crime locator app, which allows you to post as well as, keep the track of the crime occurring in your local area. The app is an approach to make you and your family safe by avoiding the necessary risks and threats. TipToe – See. Share is an app that goes beyond simple crime statistics to relay all the dangers surrounding you at any given moment. It quickly displays crime statistics in a given area. This app is excellent for traveling or walking in unknown areas. Simply pull up your location and  TipToe – See. Share will tell you the crimes that occurred in your area recently.

WarnUp uses the GPS technology on your mobile and with the help of an in-built location map; you can see the color-coded pins on the map. Therefore, you can find the description and type of the crime. The app gives you the facility to browse for the recorded crimes by selecting filters. The app is best for tourists, if either they are planning to visit an area to check its safe or not and also, what kind of parameters they have to adapt, for the safe and secure stay.

Download this app free to your iOS based devices for FREE and be unharmed.

App Store Download Link: TipToe – See. Share