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Organize your project on the go to achieve the new levels of productivity with Bzzy


From the apps that have helped us, tame our inbox to those that help us keep track of our schedules and to-do lists, some of the most useful Android apps of all time have been those that help us get work done on the go. We evaluated productivity apps based on their design, cultural impact and that how they resonated with users. The Android has the largest selection of apps on the mobile side, but that means it is also the most frustrating to find what is worthwhile. Therefore, for this review, we have picked out an app to increase your productivity that is available by the name, Bzzy.

What is Bzzy?

Bzzy is a to do list app developed for your Android or iOS devices so that you can wisely manage you on going tasks on the go and wisely track what is coming up next so that you can manage your time for each of upcoming tasks. Bzzy is at its core an awesome project management app for your ongoing project to coordinate with your team mates and assign them with a different task.



Key Features

  • Organize your daily or upcoming task by using hashtags to sort them out for different projects
  • Set daily reminders so that you will never miss something important
  • A centralized platform to coordinate with your team members
  • Team members can even edit or view task of each other
  • It comes u with prioritization feature to set the priority for each task
  • As a manager customize what you can see or edit
  • Manage different teams for different projects
  • And much more…

So what else do you need? Grab it today to achieve and manage your daily goals on the go. it is compatible with Android or iOS devices and you can get this free from the direct download link given below.

Google Play Download Link: Bzzy

App Store Download Link: Bzzy

Website: Bzzy