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Student Hero – pass all the tests and defeat the evil teachers

Looking for a new and fresh adventure game? One that will put you in the shoes of a student who has to solve his tests and defeat the evil teachers? Then we offer you this unique and fun game – Student Hero.

Kill the teachers to get the key for the tests

Student Hero is highly addictive game with slow motion effects that will offer a lot of fun and exciting gameplay. It also has an awesome design that will make sure that you stay glued to your gaming chair for hours. Every good student has to pass all of his tests. You will play as a student that will have to get his test from the evil teachers. Kill them in order to get the key to get the tests results. Every level in Student Hero will be more challenging than the previous and you will have to use your skills in order to pass the final exam.

Simple and easy gameplay

How to play? It’s very simple and easy to learn just tap on the screen and drag the finger to make him jump in the desired direction. You will only need one finger.

Challenge your friends to see who is the best

Do you want to see who the best student is? Then challenge your friends and see who can defeat more teachers and pass more exams.

Download this super fun game for free from App Store and enjoy passing the tests like never before.

App Store Download Link: Student Hero