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The Swish – Around The World is a fast paced basketball game with realistic approach

Basketball season is upon us and although there is sometimes nothing better than watching the game with friends, family, and/or loved ones, you aren’t always able, and sometimes you are but you’d rather be playing instead. If you’re not one who has any physical basketball skills but you still enjoy the game, you can always try your hand at basketball in digital form, and on the go through one of the many Basketball games that are available on iOS. Well to help you get started with one of these we have picked out a game, The Swish – Around the World for this review.

What is The Swish – Around The World?

The Swish – Around The World is a free and fun basketball shooting game that’s all about timing and skill. Warm up your shooting finger, things are about to get serious! The Swish – Around The World lets you play against wild opponents, make crazy trick shots, and rack up an amazing number of points as you improve your skills. Drag your finger to aim the basketball, then release to let it fly. Smash goal after goal from across the court, but don’t get too confident, as there’s always a new challenge right around the corner!

Key Features

  • Easy to control, fun for every age players
  • Great shooting experience
  • This game app includes multiple game modes, including time attack, bull’s eye, and classic game modes.
  • Stunning basketball animation and sound
  • It is an addictive game, which is based on realistic physics.

The Swish – Around The World features HD graphics and an optimized interface for both smartphones and tablets. Download the free game today and see how many shots you can make! Direct download link to the game app is given at the end.

App Store Download Link: The Swish – Around The World