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Throwback is madly addictive game to stimulate your brain

You have 15 minutes to spare while you wait for your turn in the dentist’s office — but caught up on your Facebook feed and the front page of Reddit looks the same as it did 10 minutes ago. No matter what we are reading or doing, there is always the need to take a little break and challenge our minds (and to learn a bit about how our brains work). Here we have brought something interesting in this review. We are talking about new game app, Throwback.

What is Throwback?

Throwback is a new causal game that trains your mind – strengthen your brain by playing it. The game comes up simple but cool interface that will catch your attention the moment you start playing it. It offers simple and straightforward gameplay where your job is to observe the arrow (rising out from all the sides of game screen) and send it back to the side from where it is came by using swipe gestures. It seems to be easy but in fact, it is not as you will have to deal with multiple arrows at a time before the reach the other side of screen or collide with each other. In that case, your game will over.

The game offers endless gameplay where it depends upon you that how much can increase your score by following the game’s objectives. Moreover, thanks to feature such as leaderboards, you will be constantly trying to outdo your last score. Whether you have one minute to spare or an entire evening to devote to this brainy casual game, your mind will thank you for the exercise, therefore, download it today free for your Android and have a great time. You can find the direct download link to the game at the end.

Google Play Download Link: Throwback