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Train your brain with everyday math with Quant – Mental Math

“Math” is a broad term. When it comes to mobile apps, there’s a diverse range of apps hat falls under the umbrella of education. You could peruse the top educational offerings in any app store, but locating the best ones — and those that aren’t merely a fad — is more difficult than you think.

Some math apps are tailored for high-school students, some for soon-to-be college graduates, and others still, are more apt for those who provide an education or those who still pine for knowledge long after school lets out for summer. We’ve compiled this review for a new math app that is, Quant – Mental Math.


What is Quant – Mental Math?

 Quant – Mental Math is the perfect brain exercise for your brain so it can continue to perform at a high level. As we grow older our brain function it’s starting to became slower so it’s vital to keep it fit with a regular stimulation. It has been proven that regular calculations are activating the brain more than anything else. If you do those calculations quicker you will activate the largest part of the brain. Quant – Mental Math works in a different way than any other similar app and we assure you it will lead to better results. This app will send random questions between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. so you will need to be fresh and sharp at any moment. All the questions are step by step meaning that if you are comfortable with the question you can move to more difficult math questions.

The thing we were amazed at the most is that you can give approximate answers, no need to go decimals and Quant – Mental Math will tell if you are close to the answer. All the answers will be stored as the app will save the statistics so you can easily check your progress.

Quant – Mental Math is perfect app for anyone who wants to expand his math skills and every profession and especially for professions like Wall Street traders, management consultants, perfect GRE/SAT/GMAT scorers where you need math skills every day.

Worth to mention is that in-app purchase is available for the Advanced Math questions at $1.99/month (USD) with an initial weeklong free trial.

Have it today free for your iOS and let the learning process begins. You can find the direct download link to the app at the end of this review.

App Store Download Link: Quant – Mental Math