Vendr – Amazing Cashless Local Marketplace

Craigslist is the king of ‘buying-and-selling old stuff online’ websites. Just about every city in the US and Canada has a specific area on the site, and countries around the world also have entries. But Craigslist isn’t the only site out there, and sometimes it might not be the best choice for buying or selling used things because you have to share your personal info and many other things. There are a lot of other options out there, and many of them have advantages over Craigslist for certain areas or items.

What is Vendr?

We have our favorite – it is called Vendr. Vendr is an iOS app that allows its users to buy and sell things locally, in a much safer and effortless way. It is the first cashless local marketplace, designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and a friendly user interface. Let’s talk more about its features.

Why Do We Love It?

The idea behind Vendr is that it shouldn’t be hard to find cool stuff for ridiculously cheap prices and to sell your things and get your money quickly. If you’re a buyer, open the app, scroll through the listings, find what you need, reserve it and pay the seller via the app. You can use a live video or audio call in order to see your product, without giving away your personal mobile number. If you’re a seller, list your products on the app, offer delivery to your buyer and set up your own mile fee, and get paid within 20 minutes. Sounds amazing, right?

Forget about awkward bargaining on the spot, driving to an ATM before a pickup or being nervous about carrying large amounts of cash to a stranger’s place, download Vendr for free from the App Store today!

App Store Download Link: Vendr

Official Website: Vendr