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Wild Wheel – Super Fast Spin Game is the yet so challenging game for your iPhone

IPhone gaming appeals to a far broader crowd than the traditional consoles do. Moreover, that is largely down to accessibility. While 12-button control pads tend to put off the uninitiated, anyone with a working finger can use a touchscreen. Even within the field of iOS games, though, there are degrees of complexity. Put simply, they do not get any easier than the one-button game.

To many, one-button games represent the purest form of gaming. You do not have to worry about virtual D-pads; handset orientation; or even assorted swipes and prods. All you have is a single virtual command and some ingenious gameplay designed around that binary control system. Here we have picked out a game, Wild Wheel – Super Fast Spin Game.

What is Wild Wheel – Super Fast Spin Game?

Wild Wheel – Super Fast Spin Game is arguably the simplest game yet available game through the appstore with addictive and challenging gameplay. The game demands nothing more than just a single tap to play and score points but what matters here is you fast reflexes and hand to eye-coordination. The game theme is about matching the two same colors but it is not that easy, as it seems.

In the game your objective is to stop the fast spinning bar with changing shades of blue color opposite to the portion of wheel with the same color as on the bar, the bar is enclosed inside this wheel. The game is very light and you can play it anywhere as it works offline. If you are the one who likes one-tap game for their spare time this one is the right pick for you.

So what you are waiting for? Download it today on your iOS device without any cost and have amazing fun. Direct download link to the game app is present at the end.

App Store Download Link: Wild Wheel – Super Fast Spin Game