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Apple and Samsung in agreement on patents

Apple and Samsung

Representatives from Apple and Samsung will meet in February, outside the court, will try to solve a number of problems relating to the protection of patents in the IT world . To transmit the Wall Street Journal , the IT giants will be in court in California later this year, but their representatives expressed their desire for settlement out of court .

Similar meetings between Apple and Samsung have been held in the past, but they all ended unsuccessfully , so if the issue of patent rights are not resolved, the court will have the final decision .

Apple and Samsung

According to sources, the WSJ , the leaders of warring companies in early January agreed to sit down at the same table and try to find a common solution for all the frequent conflicts over patenting of new technologies . The first such meeting is supposed to happen on the 19th February , and it will be with representatives from Apple and Samsung alongside their legal representatives .

When it comes to an American court, Samsung in their first litigation was found guilty of violating intellectual property rights , so they had to pay 390 million dollars to Apple. The next case that will appear in court is about recent Apple patents that are illegaly used in making Saumsung device such as a smartphone Galaxy S III .