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Apple preparing 12″ MacBook Air Retina without cooling fans


Chinese website conveyed the information about the new MacBook laptop from an author who often brought information and images about the new MacBook computers. According to this information, the new version of the MacBook Air laptop will come soon, while the new MacBook Pro models will appear later in the year. This coincides with the schedule of last year and the previous year, when Apple first presented the new Air, and then the other MacBook computers. According to this information, the new MacBook (Air?) 12″ will be completely redesigned. The new trackpad will not have a “click ” over the surface, and points out that Apple will use this to offer even thinner design than the current Air model. More interesting news is that Apple plans to eliminate the cooling fans in this device. What is also certain is that the new MacBook will have a Retina display, and remains to be seen whether Apple will leave the existing Air models on offer, as is to be expected, given that they have a “fresh” Haswell chips.