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Galaxy S3 exploded in her pocket!

Galaxy S3 exploded in her pocket!

A teenage girl from Switzerland received burns of second and third degree when her smartphone and exploded in the pocket. 18­year Fannie Shlater was injured when her “Samsung Galaxy S3” reportedly exploded in the pocket of her pants, and she is determined to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

“I heard an explosion, burst like fireworks. Then felt a strange smell of chemicals and my pants started to burn,” she told the newspaper Le Matin. The flame soon spread, but colleagues who at that point had been with her at work, and managed to help and take it to the nearest bathroom where and extinguished the fire. “Lucky that my hair was tied, and the sweater was engulfed in flames,” she said.

However, she added that the burns are serious that she will continue at her job at 15 August. Samsung in their official statement say: “When we receive a case of a product that allegedly caused the accident, we make a detailed investigation to determine the cause of this incident. We want to assure all our consumers that we will make strictly control of the quality of our products and guarantee their safety.”

This is not the first case of exploding battery in Samsung Galaxy S3. In May this year, a Reddit user posted photos of his damaged phone claiming it exploded by itself. Last year a user of S3 from Ireland claimed that the phone exploded while he was driving a car.