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Google Glass gets Android KitKat and other improvements

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google-glass2-b910424100ec7c2fc4b6efd0f280d51613e864db-s6-c30Google has launched an update for Google Glass, which brings several new features. One of the major changes is the update on Android 4.4 KitKat. Unlike smartphones and tablets, the Google Glass updates are not immediately visible, but it certainly brings significant enhancements such as performance and battery life. Google has added the option Photo Bundles, which groups photos you scroll through a larger group which makes them easier. It is possible to send photos to Hangouts conversations, and voice commands are sorted by frequency in order to be accessible to those that are more commonly used.
Google removed the video calls from Glass, because they were not satisfied with the quality of the calls, but also because less than 10 percent of Glass owners use this option. For those who own Google Glass, this new feature will be available in the coming days.

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