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Google Glass is now available to everyone in the United States

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Google Glasses NoprofitsOnly a month after Google allowed for anyone in the U.S. to buy Google Glass within one day of action, the stocks were gone and now the company once again decided to offer their smart glasses available to all. It seems that this time, the action won’t be with limited duration due to stock problems, and Google claims that they re-filled their inventory and wants to see their device owned by all the people who want to buy them – as long as there are available units. Previous sales were completed and lasted only one day, and Google called the public response  “incredible”, adding that during the day, the company ran out of stock for Google Glass.

Google’s smart glasses first were on sale in 2012, when the company offered 2,000 pairs of these smart spectacles to those who wanted a taste of a possible future appearance. After that, another 8,000 people received their devices in the second wave of the presentation. Since then, the only way you could get Google Glass was through friends of friends and waiting lists, while last month’s sale marked the first (probably only) chance to buy one directly. Now there is another chance for everyone who want a pair of this device. On this device ($1500) runs Android OS, which is connected directly to your smartphone so it can show you notifications and applications,  and some of the most interesting features that have so far seen are certainly applications which can change the reality and apps with tools for translation in real-time.

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