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Google Project Tango, the first smartphone for 3D scanning in action


Project Tango, the latest “Moonshot” project by Google, began to arrive at the developers. It is an experimental smartphone with a handful of sensors and cameras, which are not normally found in smartphones. The primary function of the device is a 3D depth mapping. Sensors and cameras that make Tango Project include standard 4MP color camera on the back, camera wide angle of 180 degrees (Fish Eye), a depth camera that captures 320 x 180p @ 5HZ and front camera with a range of angles of 120 degrees.

Now on YouTube we have videos that display first Project Tango smartphones in action. All sensors work together with the processor, to track every movement of the device and create a 3D map of the environment. The aim is to map the interior of the building smartphone, and it’s easier because the smartphone is equipped with infra-red camera to see objects in total darkness.

Project Tango Scan Test

Project Tango 3D scan