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Samsung Gear 2 hour received high marks for repair options

Samsung Gear 2

Watchmakers have taken years to learn how to fix a mechanical watch, but it looks like the repair of digital watches is not so complicated. The results of the tests of Samsung Gear 2 are showing this. The website iFixit disassembled this smart watch pretty quickly and gave it a rating of 8/10, which is pretty impressive for IP67-certified watch. The easiest and one of the major repairs that can be done at home, is the replacement of the belt. With Samsung Gear 2 hours, this is much easier because the camera is moved to the device, as opposed to the original Galaxy Gear. The interior of the device does not reveal too much, given that Samsung Gear 2 has an AMOLED screen, dual-core chipset, video camera and monitor for heart rate readings. Most of the components can be easily removed, in addition to the screen, which is connected with the entire assembly, it must be replaced when the entire screen is damaged.