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Samsung’s new vacuum cleaner F300

F300_002_Rouge-Red-e1394453022792Samsung has unveiled the latest generation of vacuum F300 with a maximum power output of 1550W and 350W suction power. This line of vacuum cleaners has a bold and original design and technology. Also a soft protective bag that is an integral part of the whole new F300 series, according to an official statement.
“Samsung is always trying to keep a step ahead when it comes to technology, but also continues to invest in innovations that people use it everyday in order to make life easier, either personal or business level. We invest great resources in research and in application of the new technologies. We are committed to the people, their needs, wants and needs and we try to give them a new generation of home appliances that will improve life. I think that this vacuum will achieve that – we offered them a powerful and handy device, which will facilitate vacuuming the house, “said Dusan Milovanovic, Head of FMCG at Samsung Electronics.
Hoover has a widget that unites all the necessary accessories to vacuum – for flat surfaces, cavities and upholstery. Also it is characterized with improved 2-step brush on the end of the telescopic steel tubing , which allows equal suction throughout the entire width.
Model F300 is designed to take care of hygiene home , because it has a micro hygiene bags for the disposal of debris from 3 liters, made of special materials and high density, which prevents even the smallest dirt particles to pass through the bag. The biggest attention designing this vacuum cleaner is dedication to the health of users.
When cleaning , users don’t have to worry about harmful particles as a whole new line of devices equipped with HEPA 13 filter output that retains as much as 99.9 percent of the smallest particles up to 0.3 microns that ordinary vacuum cleaners back in the air. All of this makes this vacuum cleaner a real fighter against bacteria, allergens and dust, while it cleans all rooms in the house detalily.