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Exclusive Euroleague 2K14 for NBA 2K14


The time has come when Nerdoholic will surprise it’s fans from Europe. Euroleague 2K14 for NBA 2K14. This patch replaces plenty NBA teams with Euroleague and Eurocup teams.

-24 Euroleague + 6 Eurocup team exist.
-Shot styles, signature skills set realistic
-Team’s courts, jerseys, logos; players portraits, faces.
-Euroleague ball
-Euroleague theme
-Euroleague refree jerseys
-Coach faces and portraits
-Euroleague rules


Backup the original files!
Copy all the saves from IFF to the game.Put all of the saves from the document Roster , to C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\NBA 2K14\Saves. After , in game open Load\Save and select Euroleague 2K14. If you want you can install the scoreboard, your settings must be High.
Plus copy the content from the fix.

For Registered Files:

Euroleague 2K14 WI = Euroleague Basketball is played according to the rules and the current is injured players.
Euroleague 2K14 WOI = Euroleague Basketball is played according to the rules and there is no injured players.
Euroleague 2K14 ASSO = for Asso Mod
Euroleague 2K14 BLACKTOP = all players exist for Blacktop

Download Euroleague 2K14 for NBA 2K14

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Fix

  • Marko

    Please fix my career .

    • What seems to be the problem?

      • Marko

        Problem is when i been drafted ex. in Partizan first game vs Galatasaray i can`t play because game only crash. 😀

        • We will try to find solution as soon as possible.

          • Marko

            Thannk you very much, i am very pleasure :D.

          • Gamer

            Are you find the solution for my career ?

          • Not yet.

          • Gamer

            Pls tell me when you find, i look for that every second day and i didn‚t find anything…

          • fotispao

            any progress?

  • Marcin

    where can I find file named Euroleague 2K14? Mentioned file is not exsisting when I choose load/save option. All files was installed acc. to described instructions. After load the game only start display & team logos have been changed. The names of teams and squads are still the same like before install this patch. Please help me to solve this problem

    • Did you copy the content from the fix? Load Rosters file in the game.That should change entire squads.

  • Red Star Belgrade Fan.

    I did everything that is in the instructions,but when i loaded Euroleague 2k14 file the names of the clubs changed and the names of the players but the logos and the jerseys are stil from the NBA clubs,also only players names and rating changed,but not the pictures and the appearance of them.Pls help me,how to fix this?

    • We are still searching for solution, we will release as soon as possible fix and email you.

  • Savo Lazić

    Same problem like Red Star Belgrade

  • TheRipper7

    Hi guys. Thanks for the patch 🙂 I was wondering, I see the new rosters etc and I have a couple of questions. 1. The commentary does not change right? I mean it’s about the NBA teams even though we are playing with EU teams right? 2. Is there a way to play a season or Association mode with the Euroleague rules? When I go to the Association or season I still get the options of the NBA rules.

    Thanks again.

  • mlll

    where to paste fix

  • BCP

    Please fix my carrer

  • Deki

    When I play asociation, my game be crashed. I play matche and suddenly, my game quit. I install game again, and it is again same thing. Please help

  • grobar

    Are you find the solution for my career ?

  • Constantine

    There is a delay at free throws. Can u fix it?

  • Johnvas

    can i download only Euroleague 2K14 BLACKTOP ?

  • mike23


  • Janika

    how can add to scoreboard??

  • André Fernandes

    where to copy the fix?

  • γιώργος καραμπάς

    free throws has been a problem… it delays for about 10 seconds

  • fotispao

    Fix my career! After the draft when you are going to play your first game the game crashes!

  • Ann1996

    plaese create a new update

  • nik

    can i start association with a european team?

  • Phillis

    Is it that for PS3????

  • Phillis

    Is exist like that for PS3

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