FIFA 14 Games Roster update

FIFA 14 Squads Update March 2015

FIFA 14 Squads Update March 2015

FIFA 14 Squads Update March 2015 Description/ Changes

– Players Values tweaked massively (main key factors: age, rating, length of contract, potential)
– Younger Players cost more
– Older/ ageing players cost less
– Players with long contract cost more
– Players with short contracts cost less
– Players with more potential cost more
– FIFA 14 Squads Update  and Transfers All teams in your league will be active in transfer market
– Transfers Tweaked so nearly all other teams in every league and country will be active in the transfer market.
– Short Loan now 6 months not 3
– Selling loaning players big increase in teams bidding for your players
– Transfer competition (GUIDE: because nearly all teams are active you may occasionally have competition in trying to buy players, bid a higher price you will get the player)
– Players will no longer retire too young, great players will retire older.
-All Players Ratings Shown


STEP 1 (Installer Way)
a) Unpack this rar in your FIFA 14 main folder. Overwrite files that it asks you to do.
b) Run file ModdingWayInstaller.exe from your FIFA 14 main folder ( Run as administrator )
c) Ready
Alternative (Manual Way)
1- add all files into this destination inside your FIFA14 folder \Origin Games\FIFA 14\dlc\dlc_FootballCompEng\dlc\FootballCompEng\data
2- Use a regenerator, I use FHL-BH-Editor (PRESS “regenerate all bh-files take care of extern files”) then start FIFA14

Download FIFA 14 Squads Update March 2015 –

  • fefa

    i just need the winter transfer file…is there any separate download for that?

    • It is a separate file, it works with all mods.

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