FIFA 17 Rosters Update (17.01.17) – January transfers

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EA Sports official rosters and ratings update for FIFA 17 dated as 17.01.17 (some of winter transfers are included).

FIFA 17 Rosters Update Installation:
– Unzip all files from archive to My Documents/FIFA 17 folder
– Agree for the overwritting the files
– Enjoy actuals rosters in FIFA 17

Few issues FIFA 17 Rosters Update:
1. After rosters are installed, your game and controller settings MIGHT be reset (you can configure it manually in the game)
2. You will need to start new career
– When creating new career or tourtnament, don’t forget to select the “current / actuals rosters in the settings.

P.S. All updates are official one and could be used for licence / offline versions of FIFA 17.


FIFA 17 Rosters Update DOWNLOAD


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