FIFA 14 Games Roster update

FIFA15 theme and squads for FIFA14


This patch (FIFA15 theme and squads for FIFA14) will turn your FIFA 14 into FIFA 15. Same theme and updated squads with all the transfers.

Installation: Copy the data folder of this file int your game folder of FIFA14 and overwrite if it asks and then regenerate.


  • George

    What do you mean with “regenerate”?

  • tguF

    Where is the folder I need to download?

    • George

      First, you have to like on facebook, or follow on twitter, then the Download button will appeared.

      • George


  • Yo

    Can you please give us a better explanation of where to install the files? (maybe make a video or post screenshots?)
    Thanks for the theme and squad updates in advance,

  • >.<

    how to regenerate?

  • Vat

    “And then regenerate.”… ?

  • yobaby1995

    how to download?

  • Hrosh92

    1.Copy these files to FIFA 14/GAME/DATA
    2.Download i68 Regenerator
    3.Open,u can change the language to english buy clicking the Italy flag icon

    • Hrosh92


  • Fifa player

    Thanks for theme amd squads but update has some bugs
    Can’t see the ball nor the player’s faces

    • Fifa player

      And** [14]