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Windows Phone 8.1 will have only virtual keys on the screen

Windows Phone 8.1

For the next version of the operating system Windows, Microsoft will borrow some elements from Android . According to the latest information, the Windows Phone 8.1 phones will not have capacitive buttons , as now , but they will be placed on the interface system , or a screen . Screenshot that appeared ( again by @evleaks ) shows Back, Windows and Search buttons on the screen . The possibility that the phones won’t have physical keys is pretty big . Google has allowed that two years ago with the advent of 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version of the system. Microsoft has a very specific rules when it comes to buttons, screen resolution , etc., and it is believed that the reason for this is the need to reduce production costs.

Small class phone is currently the only one in which Microsoft can rely on , so these actions are clear , and it is believed that in this way, some Android phones ( of course under a different name , but generally unchanged hardware ) will be able to appear for Windows Phone . Windows Phone 8.1 will not show up soon, and Microsoft will introduce this new information in detail at the Build conference which will be held in April , but until then we hope to hear even more innovation and improvement.