Apple Tablets

British police will use tablets in order to cut paperwork


New Scotland Yard, the headquarters of British territorial police forces, intends to invest up to 200 million pounds in new technologies that will help the police in tracking criminal activity, check orders, and similar activities. This means that 20,000 police officers will get Apple’s iPad mini in order to reduce paperwork and enable officers to spend less working desk time in the offices.
It all starts with the new pilot program, which will start soon, and if the program proves useful, the initial 600 tablets will be just the beginning. With the beggining of autumn one thousand police officers will use tablets, while the expectations every officer to get his own tablet in next three years.
Police officers will be able to use a special application to record evidence, sent advice to victims and etc. Although this decision is facing criticism for big amount of 200 million pounds, should take into consideration the additional time from police officers spent behind the desk in order to complete the data.
This new technology could deliver much more – experts believe that this innovation could be equivalent of bringing an additional 900 police officers, and saving of 60 million pounds. Despite skepticism because past failed programs, this could be considered as a high quality decision, reports “Daily Mail”.