3 Ways to Successfully Apply DevOps


The world of software delivery has undergone a transformation in the last decade. It is faster and more efficient, thanks to the ever-changing technical landscape.

Businesses have been embracing these changes in recent years, with some of the most well-known corporations placing new software developments at the top the agenda. One of the most significant advances over the last 10 years is DevOps, which aims to get developers and IT operations to work together to deliver software and security updates faster than before.

With big names such as Starbucks and Etsy implementing DevOps, its popularity is still growing 10 years on from its inception. If you are thinking of introducing DevOps, here are some top tips for applying the software development to your business.

Assess What You Have

Be honest about your current software. Where can you improve on the time taken by the development team to do things such as document capture? If you can see areas where things can be sped up, focus on these.

Before you go for a full tech rollout though, start with some of the smallest tasks. By going in small you can assess how well the software works and decide whether you need to try testing again before moving onto the next small task. A lot of organisations that offer DevOps services, such as Sogeti, base the whole of their service on this idea of assessment and continual testing.

Get Everyone on Board

Once you know that DevOps works for you, you need to make sure all of the team members involved are sold on the idea. This is a group exercise and it needs buy-in from developers and IT operations especially. The two teams must work collaboratively to develop new skills in order to work with the new software – but it also requires a shift in perspective.

This perspective involves moving to thinking of DevOps as providing a service rather than running an internal database. This is probably the main reason why it works so well in terms of deliverables for big brands like LinkedIn and Apple. It is a team effort that is going to help deliver value and this has an external effect.

Keep Going

If you are going to go for DevOps, stick with it and commit to the task in hand. It is a totally new delivery model that requires a constant cycle of testing, as well as the introduction of new tools and people, in order to ensure efficiency and speed.

It is important to invest wisely and see the changes through. You may find that it’s not a smooth ride initially, but if any problems crop up, keep the attention on what has gone wrong and try to overcome it, rather than pointing fingers. Again, DevOps is based on teamwork and the best way to successfully apply the new software is to work through any issues together.


Are you sold on the idea of DevOps? Have you recently introduced it and you are wondering where to go next?