7 Best Android Apps for Small Business Owners


A business is always started off with a vision in mind. The owner doesn’t think of how small their start is going to be. They only have one goal in mind – making it big.


But that’s only possible if they think of:

  • Building a collaborative environment within employees
  • Adding a platform that helps them reach their audience instantly
  • Using a marketing strategy that keeps customers connected with their business
  • Implementing the use of file management systems that helps business owners send updated files to clients


The list shouldn’t be inclusive of the above mentioned pointers. There should be more. But the point is, does a business owner needs to think of these only when they are at the office? Or can they manage while they are on the go?


Well, that’s where the technology backs us all.

Today, we have access to Android market that has numerous options to offer. Taking advantage of this platform can help small business owners make it big. And, a lot can be taken care of on the go when you have the right applications to support you.


We realize and acknowledge the ambitious future that you might have for your business. That’s why here we are to aid you in achieving the same. We’ve created the following article to guide you on how you can use your Android smartphone for the same through the following applications.


ProProfs Chat

Live chat has evolved from being an optional luxury to a necessary component for businesses owing to its rising preference among consumers. Therefore, for anyone who aims to capture their customers’ attention and earn their loyalty, it is critical to integrate a live chat within their businesses.


Fortunately, ProProfs Chat is a platform that provides its customers with a reliable live chat application for Android. ProProfs Chat services can be easily integrated within your company website by simply pasting the code within the source code of your company home page. This allows you to:

  • Provide support anywhere, anytime
  • Start proactive chats with website visitors in strategic moments
  • Track visitors in real-time and see which pages are they browsing
  • Monitor an ongoing chat
  • Intervene in case you see an operator is not able to provide the same level of service when it comes to technical queries


As a business owner, seamless integration is extremely desirable and that is what ProProfs Chat provides.

Along with the above-mentioned convenient characteristics of the application, the platform also features insightful reports which provide you with a brief on your customers and their behaviour. Added to the same, you can also view past chat transcripts and also monitor ongoing live chat session in real time to make sure that your support agents are working as instructed.



To ensure that an ongoing project meets its deadlines within the allotted resources, optimal communication between the team members is extremely essential. Slack is an application that assures that each team member coordinate in real-time seamlessly.


The application basically allows businesses to:

  • Create a group that is dedicated to communicate with the team members
  • Add an unlimited number of users
  • Make innumerable groups to customize the service according members’ preferences


Added to that, it is extremely easy to search past transcripts to get crucial information about the project efficiently. Slack also ensures that each message that you send is encrypted and stored securely within the cloud. The platform also features easy integration with other popular business platforms.


Looking for an affordable yet user-friendly accounting solution for your small business that allows you to track all expenses hassle-free and on the go? Well, in case you haven’t used QuickBooks before but plan to get one onboard, then this is one of the best solutions for your business.


With a 30-days trial period, you can explore the SaaS tool at length and even use it on your smartphones easily. The app will allow you to:

  • Send invoices to clients/customers
  • Save photos of all the receipts
  • Get access to customer information
  • Manage late invoices instantly
  • Track all expenses
  • Send email estimates to team members and clients


… and much more.


Investing in ad campaigns is crucial if one wishes to scale their business for the coming future. However, manually inputting the emails of the recipients can be an exhausting task to undertake.


MailChimp is a service that allows its users to automate all of that entirely while gracing them with additional features that ultimately contributes to providing a better user experience to the customers. Adding to that, MailChimp also gives you a detailed report for each of your ad campaigns including Google Ads and other social media ads.

Along with the aforementioned features, MailChimp also comes pre-built with appealing ad campaign layout designs which users can simply click on to create an impressive ad campaign. The unique aspect of the platform is the fact that is records the data generated through the behaviour of your customers to suggest you with options to improve your campaigns to better cater to your customers’ preferences.


Different domains of customers have varying preferences and choices. Therefore, to provide a better user experience to each of the specific domains, it is important to know of their preferences. Taplytics is a platform that provides its users with simple and reliable A/B testing tools.


The application enables its users to quickly make and examine changes on their company website using a simple point-and-click visual editor. Taplytics services are integrated with advanced machine learning codex and artificial intelligence functionalities which allows it to examine a customer’s behaviour on your website and then proceed to recommend them products based on the same.

Google Drive

Sending crucial files in forgettable attachment threads can lead to situations that are extremely difficult to manage in later stages. To ensure that the same doesn’t happen as an ongoing project proceeds further, an application that serves as a nexus for all critical project attachment is necessary.


Google Drive is a well-known application platform which provides its users with free storage to store their attachments and other files on secure cloud servers. Files stored within the drive can be customized to be accessed by specific individuals or can be set to be viewed by anyone who has the link to the file.


The convenient nature of the application and the effective features within the free software is what makes Google Drive one of the most important Android tool that should be used in a business.


Business meetings can sometimes be hindered owing to physical and geographical restrictions. The same unpredictability demanded a software that allows team members to proceed with their scheduled meetings despite the physical obstructions. Skype is a program that enables a business to hold formal meetings while the involved members are in remote or isolated locations.


Skype also allows its users to get into a conference video call to simulate an environment that is identical to a formal business meeting. Added to that, it also allows users to make international phone calls without any extra charge without compromising on the quality.


To Conclude


Each of the above-mentioned software is entirely free and support the Android mobile platform through their dedicated applications that can be downloaded without any additional charge from the Google Play Store.


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