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Recording the time to track it so you can manage the tasks you to more efficiently is now easily done with the right app on your smartphone. Regardless of why you record your time, running a time tracker while your tasks are in progress is the most accurate way to do it. Finding the best time tracker that will help you in project management is not that easy but luckily for you we searched and found an amazing time tracker that you need to try. Let’s see what the app offers you.

What is Agile Log?

This is an amazing and quite efficient time tracker which is developed on iOS and android users that like a simple and easy to use tool for tracking their time directly from their phones, with just a tap on the app. This productivity app gives you the chance to generate time-sheets and earnings reports without much effort and track the time you spend on your tasks and projects. With the app you will gain an instant overview over the project or tasks you are working one to the last details.

Why use Agile Log?

Agile Log and the features offered on it is helping you to track the time you spend on your tasks and projects so you can manage them better effortlessly. Using the time tracker allows the user to identify the most time-consuming tasks easily and by doing that he will be able to understand your projects and tasks better.  Your time can be tracked easily and the app will generate automatically charts to help you understand your projects and focus on them.

On the app the time-sheets will generated automatically over days, weeks or months too. Also, by using the app the user is able to automatically generate earnings or cost reports so he can see how much he should charge his customers and get help so he can control the cost of the project better. Only with a tap, track the time and earnings within the app automatically, focusing on the most important projects and tasks, leaving the tedious work to this amazing app.

Download this app on App Store and Google Play for free to track the time and manage your projects with ease!

Official Website: Agile Log

App Store Download Link: Agile Log

Google Play Download Link: Agile Log


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