Amazing Arcade Rocket: Dodge Meteor That You Shouldn’t Miss it


For a long time, arcade games were among the most popular in the world. They usually have short play times, consistent challenge, and simple game play. Some popular examples from mobile’s early days include Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Doodle Jump. The result is a highly addictive, enjoyable experience that gives players the urge to keep going. Arcade games on mobile aren’t quite the same as their coin-operated predecessors, but they can still provide a good time.

Amazing Arcade Game for everyone

However we have selected a good one from the various arcade games available on Google Play Store that promise a lot of fun whether you are 7 or 77 year old. Here is a perfect arcade to beat the boredom and fulfill your free time with some epic and exciting gameplay that Rocket: Dodge Meteor app affords to its players.

The Game Features

Rocket: Dodge Meteor features with epic graphics and animations, entertaining music and sound effect that won’t leave you bored any moment of your game play. As you progress in this arcade, the game become more challenging and difficult, but there lays the excitement and the fun. Defeat all the obstacles and pause to get your shield. Become unstoppable and challenge your friends to compete with them so the fun could double it!

Important thing that we must emphasize for Rocket: Dodge Meteor game app is that requires internet access to play or to upload highscore leaderboard if you want it.

Free to play

If you find this game as interesting or if match your taste of arcade gaming than check it out on Google Play Store where you can download it for free and start enjoy the ride of the rocket! Give it a try now and share your experience!


Google Play Download Link: Rocket: Dodge Meteor