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Parenting is a rewarding experience but it can also be a roller-coaster ride, especially when you have a baby. Sometimes it can be quite hard to keep up with everything. Luckily for mothers there are no shortage of tools to help you survive each day and monitor the progress of your baby. If you need help to track your milk output and stash, your pumping and nursing as well for your baby’s progress, we looked and we found one incredible Android parenting app that offers you all this. The app that we’re talking about is called Baby Log.

What is Baby Log?

Baby Log is an extremely helpful and easy to use parenting app, especially created for parents that have babies and want to monitor their progress and for moms as well to track their milk output and stash. Developed for Android users, this app allows mothers that are exclusively pumping, nursing, using formula or simply want an easy way to track what’s in their freezer. The app includes also cloud storage, device synchronization and account sharing.

Baby Log Features

Baby Log helps mothers stay on their with their baby’s progress. The app is offering automatic night mode for late night sessions, a nursing, diaper, growth, sleep, hydration pump and stash log. The fonts and colors on the app are customizable so the parent can make it his own. With informative charts, the app supports multiple children, supplementation and estimated costs. Providing you with statistics on pumping sessions and the amount of food your baby eats, the app gives you daily feedbacks regarding the number of days left for you to pump.

Notification reminders and appointment scheduler are available as well for count up timers with alarms in your notification bar. The parents have the ability to turn off features they don’t use so if they only want to track stash or track feeding they can do that. Join the community of parents and stay on track, monitoring the progress of your baby.

Download the app for free on Google Play to monitor your baby’s progress and track your milk output and stash!

Google Play Download Link: Baby Log


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