Anytime Gallery for Wear: Transfer Your Photos or Albums to Your Android Wearable Devices




Anytime gallery for wear is an application that is built to give you the option to transfer your photos or albums to your android wearable devices, so that you can enjoy your favorite memories on your wrist. The idea is to give the user the option to sync photos or albums with his/her wearable devices. This gives the user the comfort to watch the images on the wearable device even when the mobile is not around. With vast improvement in the quality of the wearable screens over the last year or so, the wearable are now capable of showcasing images in reasonably good detail. This allows consumption of media such as images over the wearable as well.


The Anytime gallery for wear is an app that allows you to sync up your selected photographs with your wearable device. The app is quite feature rich and works with a wide range of wearable devices. Both the square and round dials are supported through this application. You can select the images you want to transfer from phone and sync with the wearable device, or you may opt to directly sync a particular album as well. The sync activity can be configured and it allows you to set the auto sync frequency. The application allows you to transfer the photos in typically a low resolution than the original one.

Working of the App:

The application is very intuitive and easy to use. The application has to be installed on both the phone and the wearable device. Then, the user can browse through his/her mobile albums and select the images or album that he or she would like to transfer to the wearable device. Then the user can sync or add these images to the watch. Once the images are synced, the user can select album on the watch and browse through the photos, by just swiping left or right. The user can also zoom into the photograph, to see the photo in greater detail. The user can also access multiple menu options through long press on the screen.

The app is available on the play store and it’s free of cost. In free version, you can transfer upto 20 images. You can upgrade to premium version through in-app purchase, which will give you access to sync as many photos as you want. The app comes with a lifetime return policy and the user can ask for refund at any point when he or she feels that the application is not living up to the expectation.


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