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A good educational app that contains tons of books and various educational tutorials on different topics is always a great idea. Those kind of books can be interesting to read and can really offer continuous professional development, especially if they are relevant and contain useful information.

One of the really rare educational apps that contain books on over 500 topics is certainly the Android app – O’read. This outstanding educational book & reference app was recently introduced on Google Play. With its idea, content, design and features, this app has quickly earned critical acclaim and acquired positive feedback from its users.

O’read offers more than 500 different topics which you can have on your Android device. Each topic is well researched and includes relevant educational material. In the app you will find topics like: engineering, science and technology, management, health & fitness, computer science and many more.

The great thing about o’read is that is available both online and offline. You can search and explore, find the educational material that suits you and you will have quality reading and educational material available both online and offline.

All you need to do is register and you will be able to use the benefits of o’read. Another neat feature of the app is that when you register, you will get a sample topic for free. You will be able to choose the topic for which you will get free samples. These sample topics will help you determine whether the other sample topics are good.

O’read will also enable you to personalize it. You can make the app to be organized as you want and according to your own needs. You can search and add your favorite topics and share anything on social media. Technically speaking, the app is clean, beautiful and well designed. Everything is smooth and intuitive. Get o’read for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: o’read


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